Recipe of the Week!

This week was hectic, I had two exams and was not able to make my usual shopping trip.  Instead, I decided to create a new recipe!  I was craving shrimp, and so I decided to do a stir-fry.  I will break down the recipe as well as the total cost of the meal as a whole, and per serving 🙂

Whole Foods:

1 lb Shrimp $16.00

(Next time I plan on purchasing a bag of frozen shrimp from GFS, significantly cheaper!)

Stir-fry Oil $6.00

(16 fl. oz can, can be used for many other meals/recipes)


1 red pepper $1.99

1 yellow pepper $1.99

1 onion $1.09

1 bunch broccoli $2.00

1 package snap peas $ 3.29

Meal cost total (1): $32.36

cost per serving (5): $6.42

Recipe: Easy shrimp and veggie stir-fry

1) Remove tails from shrimp/ and or thaw if frozen

2) Cut up peppers and onions into strips and broccoli into small pieces

3) Preheat 5 TBSP stir-fry oil over high heat

4) Add shrimp to pre-heated oil, cook until done

5) Add vegetables and mix in with shrimp, cover with lid

6) Sautee until veggies are cooked but still crisp (about 5-7 minutes)

Feel free to add or remove any of the vegetables listed above, as well as substitute chicken or beef in for the shrimp!  This was a very healthy and filling meal that has provided me with dinner all week!  I do recommend cooking the meal each night however, just to keep the vegetables fresh and crisp 🙂

Missing orange and blue from the rainbow!  Would you add other vegetables to this?


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