First grocery trip


This is the grocery trip that inspired me to come home and start this blog!

On this trip I spent $68.95, just barley under budget!  However, I got an entire weeks worth of healthy fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.  When I plan my meals, I pick a lean protein (usually fish, chicken every once in a while) and then add 2 or more vegetables to compliment it.  I buy my proteins at Whole Foods (they have excellent deals on fresh fish!) and all of my vegetables at Kroger.  I only buy organic if I am at Whole Foods or if my budget permits at Kroger.

Each time I go to the grocery, I plan out my meals for the week, search for coupons and sign into the rebate apps on my phone.  I use Ibotta, Checkout 51, Berry Cart, Snap and Receipt Hog.  Between those apps, and on top of my coupons, if I am lucky I can walk away with significant savings on some items!  Snap by Groupon is my favorite because it offers the most rebates on fresh foods, milk and diary products.

Check out this neat calculator that I found here. I found out that I spend 13% of my income on groceries, and the average American spends approximately 9-14% of their income on food.  After reading this article, I will try to figure out ways to decrease my spending in the grocery category, and put more of that income towards savings!  I am surprised, however, to learn that even if I am buying ALL fresh foods, I am still spending within that 9-14%.  I hope to show others that even when making healthy choices, it is still possible to stick to a budget!


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