Possible New Direction for the Blog?

I am thinking of posting recipes and the cost of each recipe by serving and total overall recipe.

Open face sandwiches:

I was in the mood to eat both eggs and turkey, so I decided to have both!

Overall cost:

1 dozen brown eggs $2.49

Oven roasted turkey $4.79

Whole wheat bread $3.29

With the amount of food I purchased, I am able to make 8 sandwiches, making each sandwich only $1.32!! Not to mention, they were both delicious 🙂


A bite of the Tropics🍍

I have found my new favorite snack. It is so simple healthy and QUICK! As a busy college student, I have a very limited time to cook/prep. In that case, the quicker I can make a healthy snack/meal the better 🙂

Frozen/fresh Pineapple with Coconut

Place pineapple in a baggie/cup and top with shredded coconut and shake/mix. I am eating this as I blog and it makes me feel as if I am laying on a beach in the tropics 😎


Recipe of the Week!

This week was hectic, I had two exams and was not able to make my usual shopping trip.  Instead, I decided to create a new recipe!  I was craving shrimp, and so I decided to do a stir-fry.  I will break down the recipe as well as the total cost of the meal as a whole, and per serving 🙂

Whole Foods:

1 lb Shrimp $16.00

(Next time I plan on purchasing a bag of frozen shrimp from GFS, significantly cheaper!)

Stir-fry Oil $6.00

(16 fl. oz can, can be used for many other meals/recipes)


1 red pepper $1.99

1 yellow pepper $1.99

1 onion $1.09

1 bunch broccoli $2.00

1 package snap peas $ 3.29

Meal cost total (1): $32.36

cost per serving (5): $6.42

Recipe: Easy shrimp and veggie stir-fry

1) Remove tails from shrimp/ and or thaw if frozen

2) Cut up peppers and onions into strips and broccoli into small pieces

3) Preheat 5 TBSP stir-fry oil over high heat

4) Add shrimp to pre-heated oil, cook until done

5) Add vegetables and mix in with shrimp, cover with lid

6) Sautee until veggies are cooked but still crisp (about 5-7 minutes)

Feel free to add or remove any of the vegetables listed above, as well as substitute chicken or beef in for the shrimp!  This was a very healthy and filling meal that has provided me with dinner all week!  I do recommend cooking the meal each night however, just to keep the vegetables fresh and crisp 🙂

Missing orange and blue from the rainbow!  Would you add other vegetables to this?

Do you ever find yourself wasting food?


Since I have been purchasing a large amount of fruits and vegetables lately, I have learned that sometimes despite my best efforts, I can’t manage to eat them all before they start to go bad! Here is how I make use of every penny that I spend on groceries 🙂

1) When vegetables are about to go bad, cut them into bite-sized pieces and place into a tupper ware container. Place into freezer and use in smoothies for a quick and healthy breakfast!

2) Instead of 1-2 vegetables with dinner, base your dinner around a large pile of mixed vegetables.

3) If you find that you are not able to eat all of the vegetables on a weekly basis, decrease the amount that your purchase.

4) When you get home from the grocery, cut up veggies and place into baggies for quick snacks or a healthy addition to your lunch box!

I really don’t like to waste food and these tips have helped me reduce waste as well as come up with new ways to eat more veggies!

Hope everyone is having a healthy and productive day!

How much is each meal?

Starting next week I plan to break down each meal, as well as include recipes. I love how my plan works, because my meals that I cook are usually enough for 2-3 servings.
This is excellent for my busy schedule because I can simply grab my left over container, toss it into my lunchbox with a small bag of fruit and veggies and I have a quick and simple meal that tastes much better than fast food 🙂

First grocery trip


This is the grocery trip that inspired me to come home and start this blog!

On this trip I spent $68.95, just barley under budget!  However, I got an entire weeks worth of healthy fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.  When I plan my meals, I pick a lean protein (usually fish, chicken every once in a while) and then add 2 or more vegetables to compliment it.  I buy my proteins at Whole Foods (they have excellent deals on fresh fish!) and all of my vegetables at Kroger.  I only buy organic if I am at Whole Foods or if my budget permits at Kroger.

Each time I go to the grocery, I plan out my meals for the week, search for coupons and sign into the rebate apps on my phone.  I use Ibotta, Checkout 51, Berry Cart, Snap and Receipt Hog.  Between those apps, and on top of my coupons, if I am lucky I can walk away with significant savings on some items!  Snap by Groupon is my favorite because it offers the most rebates on fresh foods, milk and diary products.

Check out this neat calculator that I found here. I found out that I spend 13% of my income on groceries, and the average American spends approximately 9-14% of their income on food.  After reading this article, I will try to figure out ways to decrease my spending in the grocery category, and put more of that income towards savings!  I am surprised, however, to learn that even if I am buying ALL fresh foods, I am still spending within that 9-14%.  I hope to show others that even when making healthy choices, it is still possible to stick to a budget!

College Bites on a Budget

Hello everyone!

My goal for this blog is to keep a record of my journey on the way to eating better.  I want to prove to others as well as myself that eating healthy does not have to be expensive!  My budget for groceries is $70.  I plan to incorporate the following things into my new lifestyle:

1) Keep the foods I choose to eat in the closest to natural form that I can (i.e. steaming instead of frying).

2) Eat little to no processed foods.

3) Have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.

4) Avoid the very real temptation to hit the fast-food drive through.

I am starting this blog to hold myself accountable, and if I gain followers, to share my successes and shortfalls along the way to becoming a healthier me 🙂